Jembana Strengthens Bali Recovery Program — Jembrana Regency helped strengthen the 2019 Bali Recovery program through the 2019 Gilimanuk Festival, which was held on 22-24 November 2019, at DTW Teluk Gilimanuk, Jembrana, Bali.

The festival has the theme 'Light Up the Bay' and presented a variety of cultural attractions.

The 2019 Gilimanuk Festival featured Sumba Gymnastics, a Sailboat Contest, and Accompanying Arts on Sunday (24/11/2019). There was also entertainment in Mang Ayu and Ivan Castawa's style and awarding of various competitions.

"We give appreciation to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy that continues to support Jembrana and Bali. Since, the Bali Recovery program is an essential that could increase tourist attraction. We are optimistic that Jembrana, with all its potential, is now increasingly recognized by the public, "said Jembrana Regent I Putu Artha in a press release received by

The opening of the 2019 Gilimanuk Festival took place on Friday (22/11), marked by the signing of the canvas by the Regent of Jembrana. CoE Coordinator of Bali's Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Putu Ngurah, FKPD, and SKPD was present during the event.

From its first day, the event was immediately packed with thousands of tourists. They seemed enthusiastic watching the Painting Contest and Painting Performance by the Art Community.

"Jembrana remains focused on developing its tourism industry. Therefore, this sector has proven effective for moving the economy. The positive impact is extraordinary. Almost all business lines can enjoy the value of tourist activities, "said Putu Artha.

The festival also featured the Cempaka Putih Welcoming Dance by Sanggar Kumara Widya Suara. The dance illustrates the beauty of white cempaka flowers. The flower is a representation of purity, tenderness and fragrance. The dance movements were indeed very breath-taking.

"The Bali Recovery Program is vital. With the large movement of tourists and Jembrana becoming a unique and attractive destination, the 2019 Gilimanuk Festival will have an substantial impact on the industry. Moreover, the color of the Jembrana culture is very exotic." as quoted by the Assistant Deputy for Marketing Development I Regional III of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Muh. Ricky Fauziyani.

The culture of Dewata Island has increasingly thicken with the presence of the Makepung Dance. The dance depicts the buffalo racing, which features the happiness of farmers during harvest season.

Next, the performance of Galang Bulan Dance accompanied with Jegog gamelan. Galang Bulan dance is an illustration of the joy of Balinese teenagers during the full moon, in which they celebrate with other relatives. The Jegog gamelan is also a part of the Semara Ratih dance presented by Sukarya Art Studio.

"Balinese culture is indeed magnificent. The dance is full of meaning and value. The movements and flow of the dance reflects of Balinese life in general. Moreover, Bali also has a collection of musical instruments with beautiful tunes. This jegog has become an extraordinary collection of Balinese music," said Ricky.

The opening of the 2019 Gilimanuk Festival is more colorful with the appearance of Rare Kual Lawak, Pengkola Band, and the Jun Bintang show.

The Deputy for Marketing Development I of The Minsitry of Tourism and Creative Economy Rizki Handayani said that the Jembrana culture appeared increasingly exotic in the festival.

"Jembrana has become increasingly exotic with the 2019 Gilimanuk Festival. The variety of cultural presented is incorporated with the beautiful Gilimanuk nature. Jembrana is definitely an attractive choice for a vacation this week." Rizki said. (Gabriel Bobby)