Sascha Poespo Likes Bali

Sascha Poespo, a Fashion Artist & Consultant for SASCHARTIST, admits that she likes traveling to Bali.

This sweet woman claimed that Dewata Island was able to support her interest in fashion. Usually, when I travel, I will find a place that can provide an idea that points toward fashion. Whether it's museums, temples, or historic buildings that have amazing architecture and even hills that can be interesting," she explained when contacted, Thursday (11/28/2019).

Sascha claimed that the place she often visited and is a favorite in Bali is Ubud, specifically Tjampuhan Ridge Walk. "From sunrise to sunset, it always inspires me to work. It is a masterpiece of art through nature and the universe, it takes a brilliant mind to translate it," she claimed.

"Breathing in the fresh morning air, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, hearing the birds sing and the occasional sounds of Balinese gamelan playing. These things allows us to realize that our imagination alone is not enough. We must be able to experience nature directly to generate great work," explained Sascha.

Although she likes Bali, Sascha hoped that someday she can also travel to Papua again. "The exact place that I am hoping to visit in Papua is a small island in Cenderawasih Bay named Biak. A lot of people are unaware of Biak and its beauty. And I consider myself lucky because of the heaps of experiences I had during my 4 years living there," she claimed.

Sascha told that during the 1970s, the era in which TV was still in monotone, the city of Biak was still untamed and known for its wilderness. In fact, this offers a unique selling point because walking in the forest on weekends was a favorite activity. 

"Seeing the beauty of forest orchids crawling with rangrang ants, hunting for bullet shells from the war, and even playing with the eggs of reptiles that I stumbled upon," she recalled.

She explained that Biak is also unique for having historical sites, which is a cave used by the Japanese during the Second World War. Its location is considered very strategic and can directly penetrate the beach, which is then used as a shelter or bunker.

"Thick moss and stalactite stuck to the cave wall still clings on to my memory. I remember that this place is a mass grave when the US troops dropped bombs to kill about 3000 Japanese troops" she said.

Sascha's interesting childhood experience will certainly have a different story if compared with more modern times. "I feel like I can't wait to be able to visit Biak again, going through the age of almost half a century," she said excitedly.

"I remember being on a boat, it was great to see my father and mother swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea, filled with colorful beautiful fish swimming through the currents. And I hum ... Apuse kokon dao, yarabe soren doreri..." She kept that memory. (Gabriel Bobby)